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The Industry of Film

Filming has changed a great deal in my time. One of the most obvious is the change from film to digital cameras. Now Directors can roll forever. Some directors or DPs still want to shoot with film, but even that is converted to digital for editing, then back to film.

To me to biggest difference is we no longer work for studios but for corporations. When I started the studio would give a film money and say "Bring back a finished film." Heaven help if the Director or Producer needed to beg for more cash. Back then there was a Producer and a Unit Production Manager who held tight control of the purse strings. A department was given a budget and the goal was to spend just under that budget. On films now there are more Producers than, say, costumers and we are expected to stay within the subcategory amounts budgeted.

Of course, all this pales in comparison to changes brought on by Covid 19. The actual job hasn't really changed, but the protocols and the way we do it sure has. Several projects have moved to Canada because they as a country are taking the pandemic seriously.

Some of these changes will go away when Covid is no longer such a threat, but not all. That may not be such a bad thing.

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