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Copywriting - My Education

I’ve actually been studying this for a couple of years because that’s how I learn things. I thought I was a great writer, but a quick comparison of my work between now and a few years ago reveals this is a path rather than a destination.

I have to start off thanking a few people who taught me the craft of writing. They won’t know my name, but in no particular order I’ve studied with AWAI, Nick Usborne, Clayton Makepeace, John Cororan, Jeff Walker, Danny Iny, Mel Abraham, Dean Graziosi and a few I’m forgetting. I doubt you would have heard of any of these people unless you are into copywriting or marketing. The lessons on habits to form and message delivery are invaluable.

I’m not really following their advice too much when it comes to the marketing, but I’m having fun. I’ll have some more content to play with soon.

There are a couple of blogs I’m following that I find helpful. Write to done, Zen Habits, White Buffalo are a couple.

As far as content, there are a couple of authors I’m kind of into lately. Al Miner, Lee Strobel are a couple.

There are also tools that I’m finding useful. and WordPress are fun to play with. I’m also using Landingpages and adweber.

I’m going to be busy for a while working on my delivery. I’ll be sending out updates every now and again. If you’re still reading this,you have an interest in writing. Questions or comments,

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