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Bill and Mary

"It was a nice party. Lots of friends, dressed well. Bill was dressed in his Sunday best too, but he didn’t remember getting dressed and couldn’t remember what the party was about. It was that night Bill realized all was not well.

Mary had noticed it before that party. Bill was a very sharp man who lately had trouble remembering where his car keys were. Little things, but Bill didn’t usually slip on the little things."

(This story has a lot of real parts in it and was told to me by a friend, so this is authored by Drew Fuller and Dustin Fletcher. It’s a bit complicated if you want to use this story, but if you do, contact me and we’ll see what can happen.)


Me and Sydney

I was working with Sidney Poitier and in the scene he was working and having a conversation in a yard. When the conversation was over, he was to walk out of frame. When he did this, he walked right to where I and a make up artist were standing. As he walked out of the scene, he was rolling up the cuffs up his sleeves. He stopped in front of us and I said “Sidney, I really appreciate the way you made wardrobe such a big part of the scene.” He looked at me and replied “It’s because you are the finest costumer I’ve ever worked with before.”


My Part of the Ocmulgee

My wife got everything in the divorce. When I left city life I had nothing but my pickup truck and my tools. At least I had no payments.

My Uncle Jimmy built a cabin on the bank of the Ocmulgee River. He had moved out years before he died, but the family had always used it for a hunting and fishing cabin. I had nowhere else to go, so there I went.

The cabin is really on what’s left of a hill. It’s been eaten away by a creek on one side and the river on the other. The tall bank is why the cabin overlooks the river. The flood plain in this part of the state is rather large and the river is out of it’s banks nearly every hard rain. The fishing really isn’t good when the water’s up.


Costuming for Film




The craft of acting is all about creating moments. Moments in time that are timeless. In writing that's done with short stories. Here are some of my moments.

These are stories and other things that have been published somewhere else. I'm still writing and submitting. I may get around to posting things that are too weird to sell.


It’s still amazing how quiet the woods can get. And how accustomed your ear can get to the sounds of nature. When I heard metal jingling I knew it was not very close, but close enough.

I stuck my head in the hole and signaled Elizabeth. She immediately went into silent mode with Bell, our infant daughter. I backed out of the hole and made my way to the camp lookout.

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