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  • Drew Fuller

Elements of Character

I get into strange conversations with people because I think there are questions that take a little thought to answer. The process of gaining those answers fascinates me. The ones who seek the answers are the ones who love the mystery the most. (I forget who I’m paraphrasing here.) Like is there a God?

Either there is, isn’t, or we just don’t know. If you research the topic, you will find things that back up your opinion. I think the agnostic is hard to beat in debate, but I choose to believe there is a Creator. The power of that decision is found in faith, or intent. Sound like crap?

Here’s how it works. I believe God is Creator. I can’t really define it any more than that. If I refer to God as He, I neglect or even disrespect the femine side. As soon as I say God is not, we are not talking about the One who is all. See?

Even so, to continue the conversation, if I were to pick one word, it would be Love. That comes from the idea that this God created everything and the Creator loves creation. But if God is Love, what does that mean to me?

How about that no matter what I go through in this walk we’re calling life, everything I encounter should be approached with a loving intent? Like what I see as creation should be loved and respected as if it were the Creator. It just seems like the logical conclusion to me.

Now the fun is to see how good I can be at that. It’s actually taken a long time to reach that simple point, but if you want to be good at a game you should master fundamentals, right?

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