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My Kids

I love spiritual matters. They are fun to think about, sometimes to talk about. But my work is of this earth. Spirituality seems to be a good tool of understanding, but the task at hand is in the Earth. And what is that task?

Really, it seems to me it boils down to loving each other and being good stewards. Or at least that’s a valid approach. So how we doing?

That leads a series of big questions where answers are found reflecting on the fabric of life. My steps toward perceived improvement depends on my answers to those kind of questions. It’s easiest to reflect on one’s own steps. Me, hits and misses on the loving thing. Still deeply immersed in the study, much more to learn. My walk of life in Earth could have a much smaller footprint, so not so great there either. I could break it down further, but I’ll just get to the chase.

My entire life has been spent living it to the fullest. I had no vision of kids, so I planned on enjoying life. That was actually working pretty good, but now I have infant twin children. It’s like putting on a different pair of glasses. The whole world looks a bit different. Rather than having a good time experiencing this world, now it’s about making it a better place. So as to being a good steward…

What is the most important thing I can give my kids? I mean, they are the biggest chunk of what I’ll leave behind, you know. I’d like to point out I’ve introduced two more of the world’s most efficient killing machines, according to history. I’d like to think there is also within them the hope of the world.

I’m not going to be writing about just my kids forever, so a new father is not a needed suggestion. I will say I ran a trial ballon on another platform and the basic answer was time and yourself. But what if you are a jerk?

When they were born, I told my friends we’d take anything, even bad advice.

You can leave that advice at

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