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  • Drew Fuller

I think I won

There has been a battle going on most of my life. How does one find the time to do all the things that must be done? I mean kids, work, housework, family obligations… The list goes on, completely filling the day and I don’t even get to the things I want to do. I bet I’m not the only one who’s had those kinds of thoughts.

Well, I think I’ve conquered time.

If you follow physics quantum entanglement is a lot of fun. To me, it just shows that there really is a Now that is the same across the universe. It is that Now that trumps all other concepts of time.

The past is nothing other than the path tread. It allows the accumulation of skills and a perspective, but both can change starting Now. Now if I’m mad about something that happened five minutes ago, I’ve lost. I can’t focus on Now if I’m obsessed with changing a past wrong. That doesn’t mean you don’t learn from a wrong because the only real wrong you commit is the one you repeat. That also means success doesn’t rule, but that’s worth it’s own post. Life doesn’t seem to be about the accomplishments, but rather the journey.

As far as the future, I apply faith. I don’t look at faith as a belief is a religious system or such. If I decide to do something in the future, I am done with it. Until it comes to be. Which it will, at it’s proper time. The mere fact I have decided to do it is enough. It doesn’t help to worry or obsess about it. That’s a misuse of Now and not how faith works.

Now is the time to talk about. I get to chose how I spend this Now. I could chose to think about nothing and just breathe. Or I can be completely present with someone I am around. Focus on every sound and movement, or what I’m really doing, writing down thoughts so they are out of my head. The point is life is Now and I get to chose how I want to play with it. Now. I can’t change the past and there really is no promise of the next minute. But there is Now.

I say I’ve conquered time, but it’s more like building a perspective. It’s easy to focus on the wrong thing, but I like to think of it as maintenance rather than skirmishes.

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