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  • Drew Fuller

Value is where you place it

I’ve spoken about a couple of things where I’ve gotten to be proficient. There is value created using a skill to build something, for instance.

I’ve also just gotten diving certified. Or, I’m a novice under the water. There is value in being a novice.

That’s not a contradiction. Every diver had the first time breathing under water, every carpenter had the first time picking up a hammer and so forth. It’s good for the accomplished veteran to remember that time for a couple of reasons.

You’ll have a pretty good understanding what a new person is going through. Maybe a word of advice or encouragement… Those kinds of things go a long way to the ears of a novice. It costs nothing but gratitude is usually the reward. The ears of a novice are something never to lose. It’s always good to be listening to what people say about your craft. Even someone not related to the work can say something to spark inspiration.

Perhaps more important is the attitude of the novice. The curiosity, the wonder, the drive that got you started down that path in the first place… If these things can stay fresh, the work will not grow old and you will never reach the end of your skills. There’s always something new.

I’m a novice in everything I do, and that’s valuable.

I am getting better at assigning value to things. I used to value drinking. As Dennis Quaid said, “First you have fun, then you have fun problems, then you just have problems.” It’s easy to value things that ultimately take more than give. Best to value that which adds to life, no?

Ultimatly, that’s the question. Where are your valuables?

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