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If you want to know details of my past life crewing in film. go to and search for K. Drew Fuller. That's a site where most of us post our work. Everything I've done is not included, but you can get a good idea. If you have questions or want more information, ask by clicking here.

I am a alumni of The University of Georgia and my life in Athens was spent mostly on stage with too many productions to remember or list. When I moved to Charlotte NC I stayed involved with theatre and when a film came into town there were no prop builders in town. The construction coordinator called around to the houses looking for set builders with tools. If I was cast in a play, I would help build the sets and that's how my name came up and I got my first film job.

That was so long ago I consider myself part of the first generation of Southeastern filmmakers. Later, working on a film in Atlanta, I got my first costuming job even though I had no experience. In the words of the designer "I don't need a costumer. I need a man to move the clothes." The fact there were no other local male costumers meant I got more calls and that's how my career took off.

My first time in front of the camera happened opposite Bill Macy in THE WOOL CAP. I was cast as The Science Teacher because I was the only crew member who had not shaved in a week and I knew how to make my clothes rattier than they already were.

Many years later there is a long story that ends with me putting together The Merry Mistletones. We were a quintet that sang a Christmas carol on Hallmark Hall of Fame's production of CHRISTMAS EVERLASTING. It was only a couple of seconds of screen time, but they played the entire verse and chorus. It also made me a SAG eligible actor.

In todays market there are several things actors need to submit for auditions, If you want to see my resume, click here. If you want to see my reel, click here. If you want to see a monologue, click here. For a gallery of photographs, click here. For contact information, click here.

And here is just some fun stuff.  Like Gilles work.

Thank you for your time.

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